Containing Travel Costs

In light of the government’s recent update in respect of ‘re-opening’ international travel, we highlight four key travel trends that are likely to impact your business:-

The booking Process

The booking process will be more time consuming. 

Navigating the shifting sands of the COVID-19 related travel requirements will continue for the foreseeable future. 

Having the right travel partner in place to take care of this will save your travellers / travel arrangers significant amounts of time and effort.

Visa Requirements

There may now be visa requirements for travel within Europe.

Although UK passport holders can travel on business within Europe for up to 90 days within a 180 day period, certain business-related activities are exempt.

To add to this complexity, exceptions may also vary from state to state. It is therefore vital your travel provider can extend the right advice as part of the travel booking process. Any errors in respect of this matter could prove costly.

The Right System

Cost control and containment will be key.

The travel supply chain has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. Airlines and hotels will look to capitalise on pent-up demand and the cost of travel will increase as travel firms look to survive.

Having the right systems in place, to both manage and provide insight into your travel-related activity, will be key to cost containment.

Streamlined processes

Savings and efficiencies. Many firms have had to restructure in response to current market conditions.

Digitalisation is at the forefront of increasing productivity. As a travel management company, looking for opportunities to streamline processes and integrate technologies is now a key part of our mandate.

Providing access to the very best fares and rates are also a given.

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