Impact of The Ukraine War on Travel

Effect of Ukraine War on Travel

On the day the UK government declared Covid restrictions unnecessary, a fresh crisis emerged with the invasion of Ukraine, bringing renewed impacts on travel. Any conflict the scale of Ukraine’s has major knock-on effects, but the timing, as countries emerge from the pandemic, seems so far not to have dented pent-up demand. Airline chiefs are […]

The Real Cost Of Flying

If 2022 really does turn out to be the start of the post-pandemic era, then in theory, airline chiefs should be looking forward to better times. There are already signs of a concentration on yield over expansion, with most carriers cautious about capacity and reining in plans for new routes until things settle. Tight supply […]

The Renaissance of Long-Distance Rail

The Renaissance of Long-Distance Rail

Some might dismiss it as Interrailing for grown-ups, but in theory, overnight and long-distance trains should really be considered by any carbon-conscious traveller. In the age of flight shaming and net-zero carbon ambitions, rail operators are making a big deal of train travel’s sustainability, with Spanish train operator Renfe on message here, having 80% of […]

5 Minutes With Matthew Holman, founder of Simpila Mental Health

This month’s Five Minutes with… is with Matthew Holman, founder of Simpila Mental Health, a workplace wellbeing consultancy. Tell us about why you founded Simpila Mental Health? I was in corporate travel for 20 years; I got my travel stripes with HRG. In 2010 I moved to BCD and then a smaller TMC. The cumulative […]

5 Minutes With Peter Hayman, Travel Insurance Specialist

Our Five Minutes With… this month is with Peter Hayman of P J Hayman & Company Ltd, the travel insurance specialist and schemes intermediary. How did you get into travel insurance? It was my father’s business, which was in Petersfield. That’s going back to the mid-70s. It was a very unprepossessing start; we insured Meon […]

Meetings, Sustainability, and The Future of Events

Venue Finder

As the year begins, the talk is of pent-up demand for holidays, but can the same be said of the desire to hold face-to-face business meetings? It’s nearly two years since WFH became a familiar acronym, but Working From Home has left some with a desire to meet colleagues and contacts in person again. Covid […]

How to Reduce the Cost of Travel in 2022

How To Reduce The Cost Of Travel In 2022

Whilst the latest figures from the IMF (International Monetary Fund) predict that the global economy is expected to grow by 4.2% in 2022, and that corporate travel will be required to drive this recovery, prices are due to rise as the travel supply chain looks to manage capacity, cover increasing costs (eg energy) and recoup […]

5 Minutes With Kim Burgess, Chief Customer Officer at Feefo

 In our latest ‘5 minutes with’ post, we ask Kim Burgess, the Chief Customer Officer at Feefo, where does the exec responsible for rating the world choose to travel themselves. 1. What’s been your best travel experience? My honeymoon. We did a mini-tour of Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and it was fabulous. The inner […]

Business Travel Outlook for 2022

Business Travel Outlook For 2022

It’s that time of year when experts start looking ahead to next year. Predictions are always of interest, but in travel, there are perhaps currently no experts, because Covid and the rise of the Omicron variant means a spreadsheet is about as much use as reading tea leaves when it comes to forecasting what 2022 […]