Streamline Business Travel for You and Your Executives

As an Executive Assistant, your days are a whirlwind of responsibilities, balancing the intricate needs of your executives with the demands of a fast-paced corporate environment. Amidst the hustle and bustle, navigating schedules, projects, and operational intricacies becomes your daily mission. Yet, within the chaos lies an opportunity to reclaim valuable time lost in the […]

Beyond the Screen: The Enduring Power of Face-to-Face Meetings in the Age of Remote Work

Building upon our last article on the ROI of Business Travel, we’re focussing in on the value of face-to-face communication. The rise in normalisation of video conferencing has undeniably transformed the way we conduct business. Being able to connect with colleagues and clients across continents with a single click is a powerful tool that has redefined […]

British Airways Prioritises Business Travelers with Short-Haul Cabin Refresh

British Airways is making your next short-haul flight more comfortable and productive with their new cabin interiors. British Airways has invested £7 billion to improve its business offerings, and a significant part of that investment is going towards revamping the interiors of its short-haul fleet. A focus on modern design, coupled with comfort-enhancing features, promises […]

Streamline Your Business Trips with Avis QuickPass

As a busy professional, every minute you spend waiting at the car rental counter is a minute you could be using to close a deal, meet with a client, or prepare for your next presentation. That’s why Avis QuickPass is a game-changer for busy professionals like yourself. What is Avis QuickPass? Avis QuickPass is a […]

Air Passenger Duty (APD) to Increase for Business Class Flights

The recent budget announcement confirmed a “one-off adjustment” to Air Passenger Duty (APD) rates, specifically impacting non-economy flights. This means business class airfares will see an increase to account for inflation. The charge for passengers in business class on departures from UK airports currently ranges from £13 to £200 based on the distance of the […]

Five Minutes with Bonnie Barber, Marketing Executive at Birmingham Airport

Our Five Minutes with… this month is with Bonnie Barber, Marketing Executive at Birmingham Airport. Why did you join Birmingham Airport? I recently joined Birmingham Airport (BHX) having spotted an advert on LinkedIn for a Marketing Executive role. It really appealed to me as I have worked in the travel industry for a few years, […]

Adapting Business Travel Policies for Remote and Hybrid Work Environments

The transition to remote and hybrid working models has prompted organisations to reassess their business travel policies to meet the evolving needs of their workforce. Insights from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) highlight the adjustments and challenges faced by companies as they navigate this transformation. Impact on Travel Programmes Nearly half of respondents, according […]

Business Travellers Brace for Liquid Limbo: 100ml Rule Lingers at Major UK Airports

Confusion and delays loom for frequent flyers as London’s Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester airports miss the deadline for installing advanced scanners that would lift the 100ml liquid ban. Impact on Business Travellers: What to Expect: Travel Tips for Business Travellers: Looking Ahead: While the missed deadline is inconvenient, the new scanners ultimately offer a welcome […]

British Airways increases minimum connection times at London Heathrow Terminal 5

British Airways is extending minimum connection times at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, impacting your travel plans. To streamline your journey, here’s a quick briefing: What this means for you: Remember, prioritising reliability can sometimes come at the cost of speed. Weigh the new connection times against the airline’s commitment to fewer missed flights to determine […]

Top Tips for Sustainable Business Travel Programmes

Sustainable Travel

Embracing Sustainability in Business Travel Sustainability has become an integral aspect of modern business planning, with individuals and organisations actively seeking ways to mitigate the impact of climate change. For travel programme managers, this presents exciting opportunities to align with sustainability objectives while ensuring business continuity and growth. Now is the time to review and […]