- 2021 Group Strategy -

Think Like a Startup

2020 Overview

Whistlestop tour highs, lows, memorable bits and team structure

Lesson Learnt

What have we learnt and where can adapt to thrive in a changing market

Team Questions

We answer your questions covering themes asked by the team. If there is something specific not mentioned please contact James or Kerry directly to get a specific response.

Where are we going

Our vision for 2021, how we can meet the challenges presented to the teams, increase cash flow, increase our customer base and fix processes. 

James Beagrie


Our business continues to operate in what will become an even more fiercely competitive environment.  Coming out of this pandemic the world will next move into recession where only the fittest will survive. Many will fail.  Good businesses will become very apparent.


We are determined to get back to basics and ‘think like a start-up’. Hungry co-ordinated dedicated and fierce. 


We are well prepared having filled the gap left by the competition, many of whom remain in hibernation. Next it won’t be so easy as they awaken and realise how hungry they are.  We must remember and learn from what has worked for us in the past, and cover more ground embracing the basics of what makes a good business.  Transforming our Company to navigate the changing market and other uncertainties that we face, we’ve evolved and honed our business objectives. 


We must maximise our individual and collective performance over the next five years to ensure we remain relevant and competitive and seize the opportunity to transform our customers’ experience to stimulate sustainable business growth and profitability. 


Welcome to our 2021 Strategy, our plan to remain profitable, sustainable and continue to develop the Meon Valley Travel business.

2021 Vision Meon Valley Travel

James gives his insights into our 2021 vision and how we can thrive in changing market.

Be the change and Fix the process.

If there is a process that doesn’t work fix it, roll up those sleeves work out a solution don’t just complain about it, own it and fix it.


We will continue to develop the local community feel, offering advice, support and customer support of bespoke tours, ensuring we get each add-on sale to increase margins. 

We will continue the use of social media to grow our customer database beyond the Petersfield region and develop more video content.


We will continue to deliver the best in industry SLAs. 

We will also develop the communications with potential customers and increase our reach by actively growing our industry contacts. 

Business Travel

Growth will be seen through maximising each journeys add-ons, engaging hesitant travellers and taking on new clients in more resilient sectors. Increasing the usage of telephone support will increase margins and improving the onboarding experience for self-booking tools will be key for growth in the business travel sector. 

Move 95% of business over to Credit Card by Feb 14th 2021.

Ensure we have mobile numbers for every core contact and business customer by the end of March 2021.

Working to a target of getting 20% of travellers attending a training session in 2021.

Be the change your want to see.


The best way to predict what the future of Travel is going to be like, is to create it.

James Beagrie

Think like a startup

Cash Flow

Keeping and increasing cash flow into the business and reduce outgoings.

Grab Every Add-on

Take every opportunity to get an extra sale, excursion and transfer.

Improve Processes

If there is a process that doesn’t work fix it, roll up your sleeves and work out a solution.​